Monday, June 4, 2012


Soul 7:
Julie and Graham

Julie is an energetic wife, mom, daughter, sister & friend. Not to mention chihuahua expert!  She has had more than her share of bumps in the road of life.  So when I asked her if she had any idea what her soul's purpose was, I thought she would have some important and thoughtful words to share.  I was right...  Here is her answer:

"Hmmmmmm...... I used to think that my mission in life or my souls purpose was like a "job"  or something fabulous that I was supposed to be doing.  I would drive myself crazy trying to think of what special talents I had to offer.  See, I thought I was supposed to be "doing" something wonderful, in order to justify my existence. I used to think helping people was something I was good at, so I joined LAPD and everyday while I worked there, I would do one "good" deed for someone. That felt right, I thought that was my mission in this world.

And then I got sick, and I got sick again, and again, and  again... Being sick caused me to slow down and reflect on my life. There was more urgency to find my mission in life, my real purpose. I had my "light bulb" moment while I was in the hospital getting chemo and this sweet looking older nun walked in my room and asked me what I was reading, I held up my book "The Purpose Driven Life" and tried to make a joke that I was searching for my purpose in life.  She kinda laughed and said, "Honey, your purpose is just to love yourself, like God loves you, and to see yourself through Gods eyes. He sees no flaws. And to love all man, as they are your brother. With that type of love, you will see your purpose". She sat and talked with me for awhile and when she left, I wrote down what she said because it made so much sense to me.

So to answer your question, I think my purpose in life is to unconditionally love myself, including all my flaws. I try to be kind to everyone I come into contact with. I believe there is a ripple effect, if I'm kind to someone, then they will be kind to someone else and so on and so on... What I got from that chance meeting with that nun, is if I truly love myself, that kind of "big" love takes on a life of its own and has the ability to affect more people than I could ever imagine.  And then in turn, someone else's love touches me and makes me do good; the ripple effect... Close your eyes and try to "feel" love for yourself, love for all beings and imagine everyone else doing the same thing. Hmmm, what a world that would be!"

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