Who am I?

I keep trying to answer that dang question.  Who am I? What I can tell you is I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend...

I like to create silly blogs in my spare time because I find it fun and entertaining! At the moment I have decided to figure out my "life's purpose".  No big deal right?  I keep waiting for the answer to hit me, like some big ray of light, but nothing so far.. So, I thought why not ask others if they know the answer.  Pretty please, someone tell me the answer!

Along the way I like to reflect on the times I feel a tiny bit of enlightenment! Baby steps...  It always feels great when I have a moment when I think I have figured life out.  When I think I have all the answers. (Like I have been let in on the secret.) The thing is that feeling for me anyway is fleeting.  So if I write it down I capture it, or maybe it just helps me remember.  My memory sucks, but I will never admit that to my husband!

Oh I also really love reality TV, my dogs Roxy and Lily and chocolate!  I hope you have fun here.  If not just push the "next blog" button and you will be on your way.

Brookey Mama

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