Saturday, June 2, 2012


Soul 6:

Charles had this to say about his "Soul's Purpose" thus far in life:
"Sole purpose or Soul's purpose. For me they are the same. I have always found great reward in life whenever I am making/crafting things with my own hands and when I am able to impart some knowledge, instruction, or skill to another person.

I definitely pursued my passion for making with my education, and am working hard to get my own business started so that I can continue to make and design beautiful things for people to enjoy on a daily basis. It is my hope to produce work that improves quality of life through encouraging stewardship, community, slowing down, and connecting to nature through both activity and leisure.

As far as educating goes, I found the time I worked as an assistant coach for my old high school track team, teaching swim lessons as a lifeguard and my role as a teacher's assistant at Otis to be very rewarding. I believe that I can continue to fill the role of an educator through my work as an interdisciplinary artist and designer."
I have a feeling his soul has a lot of plans for him as his life unfolds...
What a beautiful soul!

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