Friday, June 15, 2012



Erin is such an amazing soul.  She is an artist.  She is a nurturer.  
She is such a blessing to me. Here is her beautiful answer to her Soul's Purpose:

"To love the lord God with all my heart, mind and soul, then try and love others and myself. Without God intervening I would get this oh so wrong.  I believe we have many purposes in life; some are seasonal and some daily. But my main purpose is the above statement, "To love the lord God..." .  God gives us gifts in our charter that enables us in our purpose either to be a leader, teacher, a tender hearted person, good listener, loyal and many more. He may give them all to someone or just a few of these traits. He gives each of us these character gifts for us to give him glory if we use them for his purposes.  I read my bible and pray to him daily that I am getting his purpose and what he wants me to learn or do. I get it wrong a lot of the time, but I learn from my experiences. I learn when I get it right as well.  I am learning my purpose everyday.  So this is it for now!"

I see big things for Erin's future... I just love this girl!


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