Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Christy with her kiddos.

Soul: 10

Christy is probably one of the easiest going people I know.  She goes with the flow, never raises her voice, and usually says "whatever" in a good way if something doesn't go her way.  Not only is she easy breezy on the inside, but she is one of the most beautiful girls I know on the outside.  She won the genetic jackpot!  She is insightful, nurturing and happens to live in one of the most soulful places on earth. Maui! I swear whenever I gaze out over the ocean there my soul speaks to me! Anyway,  enough about me! Here are Christy's thoughts on her Soul's Purpose...

This is one of my favorite pictures of anyone I know, and it just happens to be of Christy and her daughter.

 "I believe my soul's purpose is to help and teach kids.  Try and pinpoint the ones who need extra help and love and give them guided support.  It warms my heart and soul every time I hear "Miss Christy" and get those great big bear hugs."

"Although, my passion is taking old stuff and turning it into beautiful new things.  Kinda like all my staining projects or junk yard finds.  Which I turn into masterpieces!"

One of her junk yard finds was a cool painting of Barbie. It was painted by someone who worked for Andy Warhol or was somehow connected to him! Can't remember the details?  I forget how much she got it for, but I think it was like $5 bucks!  It turned out to be worth a lot more than that!!
Exhibit A

  The girl has brains, beauty, and a great eye!

Update... I just found out the above painting is from Steve Kaufman.  He was an assistant to Mr. Warhal!  Here is a link on Ebay which shows how great a junk yard find can be!!
So cool!  Clearly your soul is pointing you in the right direction Miss Christy!

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