Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Book

What did I do this week that was new? Well it was actually a pretty low-key week.  My kids were sick.  So I was home a lot.  No trips to the zoo to feed giraffes,  just a normal week.  So how can I fulfill this promise to myself to keep things Fresh this week?

Well, I finished my first book! Yes I wrote a fricken book! Granted anyone can write a book and publish it through Shutterfly or Apple. I know whatever. Here me out... I got this total spur of the moment desire to write a children's book.  I talked my sister-in-law into illustrating it.  Now I have just combined the pictures with the writing.  It looks so awesome.  I haven't told anyone I have been doing this. (My hubby knows! Duh!)  Probably for fear people would laugh! Just because I like to write most certainly does not make me a writer.

Here is the illustration for the cover!
Next is trying to get it published.  I owe it to my sister-in-law because her drawings are so beautiful! So their ya have it.  I wrote my first book! "Yea me", as Phoebe from Friends would say.

More about what this little nugget is about later... Wish me luck! Do you know any publishers?

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