Sunday, September 16, 2012


Soul 14:
Alrighty, here it is:

I believe my soul's purpose is to be a caretaker. To care for my children, my friends, my family, my clients, my pets, my garden and whatever life presents to me. Whether it is cooking a meal, watering my plants, nursing my animals when they are sick, or photographing a wedding... I'm fulfilling my soul's purpose.  I even believe that my artwork is a fulfillment of being a caretaker. When I make art, I'm taking care of myself by expressing my creativity. And sometimes, it results in bringing joy to others. When I photograph a baby, a family, a couple getting married and even a boudoir session, I capturing their memories, I'm the guardian of those memories. I take that very seriously and I give myself over to them, emotionally and psychically. It took me a very long time to come to this realization, and honestly, this is the first time I've actually pinpointed it. But unconsciously, I've been following this path for the past 6 years I would say.  I am not perfect, but all I can do is try my best. 

xo~ Annie

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