Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fresh Friday

I have decided to try something new every week.  I am calling it Fresh Friday.  It could be an activity, food, sexual position (Yep you heard it hubby!) Anything I have never done before.  It is a way to reach into my soul and really grab my life by the balls, keep me feeling awake and alive. I will keep myself accountable by writing it down.  This week 2 things come to mind that were new/fresh for me.

The first was I rode my bike on The Strand down in Manhattan Beach.  I have wanted to do that my entire life.  It was a blast!  My family got there before sunset.  We rode for a hour or so.  Then got a slice of pizza, and watched the sunset.  Yes, it was work getting the bikes on the car, and driving a hour to the beach.  And yes, I live in the desert! The memories I created will last me a lifetime.  Oh FYI when I win the lottery I will be buying a beach house on The Strand.
I have the coolest bike!

Beach Picnic

 The second was I went to a new church.  I haven't been to church in 2 years.  I said I was open to having a relationship with god and I meant it.  To be clear I have a relationship already, but I want to strengthen it. My friend had asked me many times to come to her church.  So I finally did.  It was great.  It was uplifting.  When did a rock band become part of church? No organ music here.  It was a full on band.  It felt like a concert.  Anyway I took my teenage son.  He was as uncomfortable as me about being in church.  So for that reason alone it felt important to be there. I think it is important to conquer our (Meaning mine and my son, not yours!) fears about religion.  Also Taylor Lautner the werewolf from Twilight was there.  Very cool to see a guy who has such a busy life make time to go to church.

So what will you do this week for Fresh Friday?? I would love to hear about it!

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