Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Don't Wait

Listening to your gut sometimes pushes you not only to do the perfect things, but sometimes you even do it at the most perfect time.  The other day I knew I was going to bring flowers to my new neighbor friend for her birthday.  What she gave me in return was so much more than I could give her.  Yes, I gave her a very pretty bouquet of flowers.  She was so thrilled and touched that her birthday was remembered.  I was so selfishly happy with my surprising ability to organise her flowers in a mason jar.  It truly looked adorable.  After I left her house she sent me a text saying, "I took a photo of the beautiful flowers you gave me and changed my FB (Facebook) profile picture to it. Thanks so much again! I love them!" I immediately went to her Facebook page to see it there.  So cool to see her profile picture as the gift I gave her.  It made me feel so good that she loved her present.  I then friended her on FB.  I am new to FB as is she I would find out later...
Facebook Profile
 The next day she would tell me how grateful again she was for the flowers, but also how much she appreciated the timing of the gift.  It was about 12 noon when I brought her the flowers.  It turned out none of her friends had reached out as of yet to wish her a Happy Birthday.  It wasn't that she doesn't have a tun of friends and family.  It was just one of those times where everyone was planning on calling later.  She said she was feeling like a little girl making fun of herself for wanting some birthday wishes. I see nothing wrong with wanting some attention on your Birthday.  It is after all the day God decided you would be born.  The first day you are on earth.  Your first day of life!

Anyway she said she was sort of feeling terrible and a bit unloved momentarily.  The great thing is the flowers turned her whole day around.  After she posted the flowers picture to her FB page she realised she never put her Birthday on her profile.  So none of her friends were sent notifications.  She soon would be flooded with Happy Birthday messages throughout her day.  I love how one simple thing can affect another persons day.  It is something to always keep in mind as we go through our days.  A persons action can positively or negatively change the course of someones day. 

I have learned from this simple experience.  I will make sure and give my friends and family a Happy Birthday shout out much earlier in the day.  If we all waited until later in the day a person might feel very hurt.  It is so easy at the very least to send an email or text.  It really does feel so sweet to give.  I never expected in return for wishing my friend a Happy Birthday, that I would be the one feeling so full of love. 

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