Thursday, May 24, 2012


Soul 3:
Kim: Best Friend: 
Nothing Soul-less about that smile!
Kim tells me her views on this subject of "soul purpose": Starting with what her hubby might jokingly say about her soul! Kim says, "he might say I am soul-less, mainly because I don't want to keep an abundance of physical mementos ( football programmes, etc)." She went on to say,  "but yet I am deeply attached to some people,  and also a few things that hold deeply imbued symbolism for me.   As I sit here in an office restroom cubicle, I can tell you I have no clue what my souls purpose is, but my body's purpose seems to be to work itself to death!   I don't feel lost not having a defined purpose- in truth it doesn't bother me at all.  I think I am ok "knowing" I am a "good" person and feeling that it is obvious to most people. (I might be completely delusional all accounts!).  I do think I might be seriously missing out now if I later find out I should have been religious ( i.e. If heaven and angels do exist),  but I think I have a really good life and that's a really lucky and really rare thing. Lots of stuff sucks,sure, but I have the best friend in the world."

Ah I love this girl!   

She went on to say, "Even though I'm soul-less and too even keel?   Julie (Kim's good friend) says I'm lucky because I miss out on all the lows  (well, most of 'em),  but I tell her that also means I probably miss out on the highs, too!" 

I don't think you are the least bit soul-less!  You have one of the biggest hearts I know dear friend.  I am the blessed one to have you in my life.  Thank you for 26 years!

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