Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Soul

What is your soul’s purpose?
What is my Soul’s Purpose?

I am 41 years old and have no fricking clue what my soul’s purpose is! 

Is it simply to be a good mother?  A good wife?  A good sister?  A good friend…


Yes, I want to be those things but I can’t imagine that is the only reason I was put on this earth.  Oprah said in her Lifeclass, “If you don’t know what your soul’s purpose is, then first thing you better do is figure it out!” So here I am committed to figuring it out.  Truthfully, I have always been curious to this fact.  I have actively been “soul searching” for about a year and a half or maybe my whole life!?  I feel as though my soul has sort of been poking at me from inside my body, but I am not sure at what point I might feel enlightenment?  I have watched Oprah’s Lifeclasses and Masterclasses.  I have been to “Ignite” a conference telling me “I can do it!”  I have listened to Dr. Wayne Dryer.  I have tried to read and listen to Echehart Tolle.  I have been reading a little Deepak.  Kris Carr is one of my spiritual muses. Tony Robbins totally psyched me up and got me ready to take down my fear. Louise Hay tells me I can heal myself.  Honestly, I feel like I am right back in my Cognitive Psychology class back in college.  I spent much of that class clueless until the end of the quarter when for a brief moment it all made sense.  I remember my professor telling me I had written one of the best papers he had ever read. It was there, and as quick as it came it left.

I think along the way to finding my soul’s purpose I had diversions, but according to most spiritual philosophers I am exactly where I am supposed to be?  So as I raise my family, my kids are finally getting to a stage that a can breath a little slower. I literally have more energy to align my stars, and figure out where my soul wants me to go.  How am I to be of service in this life?  I love being a mom, but I know I am supposed to do more.  I feel ashamed to say that because I think my kids might believe they are not top priority.  I promise this is not the case. I am here to do both.

My daughter recently asked me a question, “Mom what is your special gift?”  I was speechless.  She is 11 and asked a very soulful question to which I had no answer.  When I asked my husband what he thought my gift was he said, “You have the ability to organize and plan like nobody he knows.”  My dear friend Erin said, “Brooke you bring people together.”  So where do I take this information?  I have started Yoga and mediation.  I keep waiting for God to speak to me. He has always been amazingly kind to me.  I pray all the time.  I try listening to the whispers in my life that are guiding me, and admit I have been cold cocked a few times in life when I didn’t hear the message. I have had enough significant lessons that I would think some sort of “aha” would come from it!

As I move along in my life trying to live in the here and now I am going to ask as many people as I can this question: What is your soul’s purpose?  I wonder if young people will have a clearer picture than older people?  Has the soul of a young person not been smothered by the Ego yet?  I know my ego is loud and kind of bitchy at times.  I don’t remember her being quite so overpowering when I was little.  I felt strong and self-assured when I was a little girl.  When did I lose that feeling?  As I learn from others and what their soul’s purpose is.  I hope to gain more clarity to my own spiritual awakening.    I am going to find my soul’s purpose.  I look forward to getting to know you dear soul.  It will be my pleasure, and in turn my gift to share with all of you.

This blog is dedicated to my dad.  Today he would have turned 82.  I love you dad!


  1. This question has come knocking on my door more than a few times over the past few years. I have come up with different answers which tells me that I don't think I am quite sure of the definitive answer...yet. I think the "purpose" in my life will begin to unfold before me as I let myself really look, listen, and pray for the clear answer. Trying to keep my many "spinning plates" going at once has precluded me from really considering what my purpose is...and more importantly living out what that "purpose" is in my life. Great question, Brooke! I'll get back to you on this one! P

  2. I kind of wonder if those spinning plates are clues? It is all a mystery I hope to figure out.